REALITY TV - Docu-réalité

9 x 60 minutes episodes

Okay, your kitchen doesn't inspire you… it's seen better days – and you certainly wouldn't let Gordon Ramsay drop in! It's missing that kitchen soul? The easy solution? Hire a pro and be prepared to pay so much you'll be eating grilled cheese for months to repay the cost! Our solution? Invite strangers who may not know much about kitchen renovation but, like you, want their kitchen renovated! A crazy idea ? – Sure! But quite an adventure…

Each week, one couple – with the help of three other couples, all supervised by pros, – will try to create the kitchen of their dreams. Each couple is assigned a specific task : flooring, plumbing, electricity, lighting, new windows, etc. At the end of each show, the professionnals will judge how each couple has managed: who has been the best and the worst!

The next week, a second couple will receive the other couples… and so on for 9 full episodes (the first one being mostly devoted to introducing everybody). The final episode will crown the best renovating couple who'll win our grand prize: the kitchen of their dreams renovated from floor to ceiling by real professionnals ! The losers… well, they don't lose everything because their kitchen will have been renovated by the others along the way… and it certainly couldn't be worse than what they started out with… we hope! Welcome to KITCHEN ON FIRE !